Grace and Redemption Ministries

About Grace & Redemption Ministries We're Excited To Share Our Story With You!

Grace and Redemption Ministries was formed from two independent entities, both with a heart for the church and its surrounding community. G.R.A.C.E. is as an Acronym for "Giving Righteousness A Closer Evaluation."


G.R.A.C.E. began as a ministry for women and young girls. It eventually developed into a variety of Mentoring programs, specific to both genders that permeated the School District of Philadelphia and spread into local churches and community centers within its vicinity. Currently, G.R.A.C.E. remains focused on academic and mentoring programming, spiritual retreats and personal development trainings using seminars and workshop formats, while Redemption Ministries, since its inception, have been dedicated to reaching out beyond the walls of the church, to aid the disenfranchised, through various community service endeavors.

Redemption Ministries is responsible for food and clothing drives, holiday feedings and giveaways, community restoration projects and a yearly harvest season conference which focuses its efforts on spiritual renewal for its year-round volunteers and those who serve in all capacities of ministry and community service. Combined, the two initiatives exist to seek, reach and help out those who were once in church, but have been hurt, discouraged and disconnected to their spiritual life-source. GRACE is a chance for "Regeneration" and REDEMPTION is a chance to find "Freedom" through spiritual healing. G&R are passionate about helping others turn their lives around, so that they can turn to their purpose in life.


Together, the rubric for GRACE & Redemption uses conventional methods to both equip and empower those who do not attend conventional congregations. Although the method has changed, the message remains the same; "We Exist to Build the Kingdom of God, One Soul at A Time!"

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