Grace and Redemption Ministries

We exist to seek, reach and help out those who were once in church, but have been hurt, discouraged, and disconnected to their spiritual life-source. We are are passionate about helping others turn their lives around, so that they can turn to their purpose in life.


Together, the rubric for GRACE & REDEMPTION uses conventional methods to both equip and empower those who do not attend conventional congregations. Although the method has changed, the message remains the same; "We Exist to Build the Kingdom of God, One Soul at A Time!"

Welcome to Grace & Redemption Ministries “We Exist to Build the Kingdom of God, One Soul at A Time!”

Our Leadership

Bishop D. McNeil Hanna is a native of Philadelphia, PA, where he has served faithfully in ministry under the tutelage of his father, Bishop Robert P. Hanna for more than twenty-eight years at the Open Heart Church located in Southwest Philadelphia. Bishop Hanna has always believed that ministry is not only what happens inside of the church, but ministry is also reaching beyond the pulpit into the community. For a number of years, he has worked cooperatively with numerous organizations, represented in Massachusetts, Ohio and in Pennsylvania. He has served as an Apostolic Legate to Presiding Bishops, while furthering his ministerial studies at the Joint College of African American Bishops, and more recently at the Center for Urban Theological Studies. From this passion a non-profit organization, he established Heart to Heart Community Development Center, in order to provide aid to families within their communities. As a result, Bishop Hanna initiated a Samaritan ministry, in his local assembly. This ministry continues to successfully, address the needs of the local community through health fairs, food and clothing giveaways.


Bishop Hanna's primary ministry is his family. In his pursuit to fulfill God's work, he is blessed with a beautifully, anointed wife, Pastor Lillian Hanna, who serves faithfully with him in ministry. He is a loving and dedicated husband and a proud father of three: Brittany, Hayward, and Brianna.


Pastor Lillian Hanna is a native of Memphis, TN. Her roots began at the Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ, under the pastorate of the late Bishop James Olgelthorpe Patterson, Senior, the Presiding Prelate of the Churches of God in Christ movement worldwide. There, she understood the call of God on her life, but it wasn't until the age of fourteen, while living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, under the leadership of the late, Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones, Jr. that she would have her first opportunity to preach, and begin a journey that would later prove to be a confirmation of that call from such a young age.


She is a member of the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops serving as a ministerial legate to the Metropolitan Arch-Bishop. Pastor Hanna has been represented and acknowledged in many circles of prestigious people, but her greatest satisfaction and the true testament of her ministry is the witness and commitment she has to and has provided for her family.


"If I am remembered for anything in life, I would like for it to be that I am saved only because of God's mercy and in knowing that, I have tried to perfectly exemplify how imperfection can in fact silhouette the reflection of a perfect God" - Pastor Lillian Hanna.


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